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European Tourist Flows to the World

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1995 2000 2005 2010 2016
Note: Only 40 percent of the highest international tourist movements (more than 23 017 travels, respective the 3rd quintile of the rank-ordered distribution in the European network in year 2010) and only tourist movements from Europe are depicted. The thickness of arrows is proportional to the number of tourists who went from the country where the arrow starts to the country where the arrow ends. The size of European country nodes is proportional to the number of tourists from that country. The size of arrows and nodes is directly comparable across the years.
Data: UN WTO.
Suggested citation: Europe-to-World Tourism Network, 1995-2016. In: Jan Delhey, Emanuel Deutschmann, Monika Verbalyte, Auke Aplowski, Network Europe: Transnational Human Activities and European Integration.